About Marketing Engines®, Inc.

We are a Full-Stack World Leading Inbound Marketing Agency Providing Digital and Internet Marketing Optimization Services

Marketing Engines®, Inc. is a digital marketing company that specializes in designing professional brands, developing reliable desktop, mobile and responsive websites, and engaging effective online marketing strategies, internet marketing optimization and growth hacking solutions. We employ compounds of digital marketing tactics that constitute compiled algorithms and diplomatic protocols to solve problems and increase your income exponentially.

Our success is driven by our people and their dedication to helping businesses like yours succeed through web design and inbound marketing. Our client base is diverse, consisting of small-medium-size businesses (SMBs), and large enterprises across a range of industries including healthcare, banking, e-commerce, mortgage lending, real estate, law, accounting, and finance.

Since 1994, we've learned a lot over the past 2 decades, and we know what it takes for companies of any size to be successful. Our CEO and Founder James Tyler built a proven system to help small and large size companies meet their marketing goals and objectives.

Marketing Engines® Our Philosophy and Mission

The beginning is the most important part of the work. –Plato

Our personal and working philosophy is simple: focus on the client's needs, demands, brand position, technology infrastructures, digital marketing and growth hacking techniques to increase revenues and profits. Our mission is to consistently offer excellence, quality of service and keep clients happy. We succeed not only if we keep your lights on, but when they shine brighter than they did when we started working, at the very beginning.

Our mission is to construct a unique growth strategy that is aligned with your business goals, to achieve marketing objectives. We do so by building a professional brand, a reliable technology infrastructure, web design and development, latest internet marketing optimization technologies, and growth hacking solutions to increase your online presence thus your overall success.

Company Profile

Marketing Engines, Inc. has been helping small to large businesses build effective and professional online brands, desktop and mobile websites and sophisticated digital marketing campaigns since 2013.

Thanks to you, our success allowed us to expand throughout California. We now service financial companies all over Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco Counties.

Our level of dedication and marketing experience gave us the opportunity to partner with HubSpot, the World Leading Inbound Marketing Company. We will continue to be at the forefront of web development and inbound marketing competition pushing the limits and creating beautiful web apps and effective digital marketing strategies.

BIG thanks to our in-house brand journalists, graphic and web designers, web developers, business analysts and marketing strategists who are exclusively focused on the success of your business.

Why Marketing Engines®?

With our team's combined expertise, we've learned a lot, and we know what it takes for companies of any size to be successful. Our level of dedication and marketing experience gives us the opportunity to partner with HubSpot, the World's Leading Inbound Marketing Company. We will continue to be at the forefront of web development and inbound marketing competition, pushing the limits and creating beautiful web apps and effective digital marketing strategies.

Marketing Engines, Inc. is well positioned to Drive Your Business Forward. We don't just say that! Our "Strategy & Growth" Slogan was well thought out and structured to effectively improve any business, anywhere, anytime! Here's how our Strategy leads to the Growth of your business:


  1. Market Demand: At Marketing Engines, we study your current Market Position and Demand. We seek to understand what your clients' needs are.
  2. Demand vs. Value: We perform a Market Trends Analysis to value Demand vs. Value. This tells us whether your products and services are positioned to deliver values and solve your clients' needs.
  3. Competitor Analysis: A competitive positioning comparison tells us where you stand against your competitors.


  1. Perception Research: Our perception Research Services are focused on researching your consumers to help us with our marketing efforts and professional branding of your company, to connect with your clients and close more sales. Starting with your clients, we measure all applicable methods to connect your products with your customers based on emotional assessments and human/client behaviors. We assess who is likely to buy from you by building visual mechanisms and cognitive principles to address the core needs and concerns of your customers.
  2. Perception Gap Analysis: This is the difference between brand promises and the experience of actual consumer interaction with that brand. Your corporate brand values must improve your brand awareness and perception to close the gap between your brand and consumer engagement.
  3. Attribute Mapping: Attribute Maps are critical to your business success. We build highly effective strategies assessing your customers' concerns and desires. The goal here is to simplify the complexity of your customers' reactions to your products or services and your company's position with respect to your competitors. Attribute mapping provides us with an ongoing competitive advantage by knowing what your prospects really care about most.


  1. Technology Structure: We assess the setup of the core infrastructure of your business to determine any gaps connecting your strategy for success with technologies utilized within the company from database, to CRM, Websites and apps trailing down to your marketing efforts.
  2. Content Delivery: Content is King! We write, design and develop valuable content that attract your prospects providing them with solutions in connection with your services and/or products.
  3. Web Design & Development: We revamp your entire online and offline applications necessary to convert visitors into prospects and customers.


  1. Customer acquisition: We employ a set of methodologies and marketing techniques to acquire prospects and turn them into customers. We do that by creating an effective customer acquisition plan which breaks down the journey your customers must take to pay you. This helps us identify the biggest opportunities to acquire customers.
  2. Cost VS Profit: This is the process of reverse engineering customers' acquisition in comparison to costs hypothetically incurred per acquisition.
  3. Growth: We expand your business by perfecting the Viral Loop. This is done by determining which marketing methods work best for your business and your clients.

Strategy & Growth

Strategy & Growth is the process of defining your ideal customer based on your business goals and objectives, setting you apart by understanding your competition, building a professional brand that improves your online awareness, developing online metrics, apps, websites and platforms focused on driving visitors, and formalizing well-defined and effective marketing methods, which we then analyze, execute and continuously iterate towards the growth of your business.

As you can see, Marketing Engines isn't your typical internet marketing optimization company. We are a company that performs a full spectrum of business analysis and processes a wide variety of business development methods combined with a sophisticated knowledge in marketing and technology to meet your business goals and achieve continuous success!

Are you ready to Drive Your Business Forward?

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